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Challenge your balance with the Slippery Pack.

Do you think you have a good balance? Maybe you haven't tried our Slippery Pack with the Banana and the Crazy Sofa? You'll challenge your friends to stay on the float, fall into the water and try again! If you're confident in your ability to balance on fun floats, join the challenge!

Welcome to the Banana Bus

15 minutes in the Bay of Roses on a seemingly endless elongated float. Your challenge, along with your fellow passengers, will be to keep from falling into the water while our motorboats pull the Banana or Banana Bus.

Hold on to the handles of the float as you experience 90º, 180º and 360º turns at full speed, with changes of direction and jumps over the waves.

Are you up for the challenge? Get ready for a refreshing experience.

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If you fall, you lose!

The way our Crazy Sofa works is simple: a powerful motor boat pulls a large sofa-shaped float. However, keeping your posture and balance is not so easy, as you ride free, without a seatbelt and with only a few handles to hold on to.

And don't be surprised if you get a few refreshing splashes along the way!

It's an unprecedented but safe adventure, as all participants are provided with life jackets and supervised by Aventura Nautica instructors.

Will you be able to hold on to both activities without falling in? Come with your friends and find out!

Important for booking.

When booking the pack, please indicate the desired times for each activity in "SPECIAL REQUEST".

For example: "Crazy Sofa at 9am and Banana at 3pm". You can also choose different dates for each activity, for example: "Crazy Sofa at 9am on 23/07 and Banana at 3pm on 28/07".

What to consider?

Activity subject to weather conditions and each trip can take a maximum of 12-16 people for the Banana and 6 people for the Crazy Sofa.

Minimum recommended height is 1 metre and 20 centimetres and it is compulsory to wear the life jackets we provide.

Remember to present your booking confirmation from your mobile or printed at our ticket office on the day of the activity.

You don't need any experience to do the activities, just the desire to have fun, know how to swim and a good dose of balance that will help you stay on the float for longer.

The standard duration of the trip is 15 minutes, more than enough for you to end up soaking wet, exhausted and with a smile from ear to ear.

As with all the other water activities, the starting point is the Port of Santa Margarita in Roses, Girona.

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Slippery Pack 45,00€

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