Test your balance with the Slippery Pack

Do you think you have a good balance? Maybe it's because you have not yet tried our Slippery Pack, with the Banana and the Crazy Sofa ... You can challenge your friends to stand on the float, fall into the water and try again!

If you want to keep your balance on top of the funniest floats, join the challenge!

Welcome to Banana Bus

15 minutes in the Bay of Roses on a float with elongated shape will seem infinite. Your challenge and that of your traveling companions will be to endure without falling into the water, while our motor boats drag the Banana.

You will be able to hold onto the handles of the float, while you experience 90º, 180º and 360º turns at full speed, with changes of direction and jumps over the waves.

Do you join the challenge? Prepare for a fun experience in the water.

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Get ready to fly with the Crazy Sofa

Does it feel easy to keep over the water? Surely you need to fly to test yourself. The Crazy Sofa is a float dragged by motor boats that will propel you over the waves for 15 minutes, to test your strength and your balance.

It is an unprecedented adventure, but safe. All the participants will have life jackets so that there is no danger when they fall into the water and everything is supervised by the Aventura Náutica instructors.

Will you be able to endure in both activities without falling? Come with your friends to discover it!

Important for booking

When you book your pack, indicate the time you want to do each activity "SPECIAL REQUEST".

For example : "Parasailing at 9am and jet ski excursion at 3pm".

You can also choose to do the activities on different date.

For example: "Parasailing at 9am the 23/07 and jet ski excursion at 3pm the 28/07."

We recommend booking the activities, especially parasailing, as early as possible in the morning. At 9 am, the weather conditions are optimal: it is the hour with the least wind and waves, the most pleasant time to enjoy the flight and the sea in general.

What should I consider?

In addition to a great balance, to participate in the Banana you must exceed 120 centimeters in height, and you can climb aboard along with nine other people. On the other hand, for the Crazy Sofa you will have to measure more than 140 centimeters, and in each trip there will be at most 6 people.

As with others of our aquatic activities, we can record and photograph your experience with the best quality, an ideal extra so that you keep the best memory of the experience and can share it with your friends or in your social networks.

Remember to submit your reservation confirmation from your mobile or in print, at our ticket office on the day of the activity.

Price table


Type Price
Slippery Pack 50,00€

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