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Routes without license

Nature Reserve of Cap de Creus - NORTH


Just leaving our base in Santa Margarita, we will arrive to one of the most famous bays of the Catalan Coast. To the south you can see the silhouette of the Medes Islands, following the view to the north the Canigó and the Alberas, the long sandy beach of Roses, followed by the wonderful marina, flanked by the Trinity Castle.

Calm waters with postcard views, you will be able to see the bay from an angle that both locals and tourists fall in love with! 2 min


Following the coast to the north and keeping a safe distance of 200 meters, you will soon reach this small cove with crystal clear waters ideal for anchoring and taking a dip. Its proximity and easy access will allow you to connect with nature and quickly fall in love with the area. 20 min


An mandatory stop for sailors and bathers, a beach with crystal clear waters, fine sand and protected from the north wind. It also has a wide variety of services such as beach bar, restaurants and hotel.

A highly recommended beach in which to anchor for its proximity, amplitude and great beauty. 30 min


Being part of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, you will enter this area of great natural wealth, both terrestrial and marine.

We highly recommend to bring snorkeling equipment to discover the seabed of Cala Lladó, Cala Rosetlla or Cala Murtra. An experience worth living! 40 min


A cove protected from the north wind, with an exceptional seabed that delights divers and with a very wild spirit.

It is not surprising that the renowned chef Ferran Adria decided to install his center of culinary inspiration here: "El Bulli".

As for navigation, it is a spacious area with calm waters where you can anchor without any problem, always keeping a distance of 200m of security. 50 min


In this idyllic and unspoiled corner of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, you will get in touch with your most marine side: discovering the flora and fauna of its seabed, contemplating the surreal and impressive walls of Cap Norfeu or eating in a "old-fashioned" beach bar. 55 min


Our recommendation is to be able to navigate at most to this area and witness the whimsical shapes carved into the rock by the tramontana. Here you will be able to recognize animal silhouettes, among which we highlight the Cavall Bernat and the famous Gato. An area under terrestrial and marine protection, due to the great natural wealth of its landscape and underwater environment. 70 min

Medes Islands - SOUTH


For lovers of calm waters, this is the ideal route. You will have 15 winding kilometers navigable, in which you can enjoy contemplating on one side the Natural Park of Aiguamolls de l'Empordà and on the other the wonderful homes that have been built in this residential marina so characteristic of the area. Ideal for a first contact or a quiet boat trip! 5 min


As soon as you leave our base in the Port of Santa Margarita - Roses you will find the Gulf of Roses with its kilometers of fine sandy beaches, the Alberas mountain range in the background and the calmest waters.

Heading south, keeping a distance of 200 meters, you will find the Rubina beach, known by locals and tourists for being a very “friendly” beach with sailing sports and pets. 2 min


Sailing just a few minutes you will enter the famous "Venice of the Costa Brava", the largest residential marina in Europe, with more than 25km of navigable canal.

Without exceeding the speed of 3 knots you will be able to navigate through these canals admiring its design as well as the magnificent villas that are in it.

A very relaxing ride in very calm waters! 20 min