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Routes with license

Nature Reserve of Cap de Creus - NORTH


As soon as you leave our port located in Santa Margarita (Roses) you will find the bay of Roses, considered one of the most beautiful by UNESCO.

Its 45km of beach, 15km of coves, 50 km of navigable canals and a typical Mediterranean climate will be the delight of sailors and bathers.

Here you can see the town of Roses and its long beach, protected by a cultural asset of national interest, the Trinitat Castle. 2 min


Just 3km from the town of Roses we find this beautiful and small cove which is easily accessible on foot, thanks to the Ronda road or where you can anchor protected from the tramontana.

We would especially like to highlight and recommend the Hotel Vistabella, from where you can request the delivery service of our boats at the dock or book any of our services. 15 min


The last great beach south of Cap de Creus, before entering the Natural Reserve area.

Appreciated for its fine sand and crystal clear waters, is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic beaches for locals and tourists. It has a wide variety of services and as accommodation, highlight the good work of Almadrava Park Hotel, with whom we collaborate and you can book our activities and boats. 17 min


Protected area of great natural wealth both terrestrial and marine, which is part of the natural park of Cap de Creus.

A charming and uncrowded corner where you can anchor and take a dip. We highlight: Cala Lladó, Cala Rosetlla and Cala Murtra. It is essential to bring your snorkeling equipment! 20 min


Its wild beach, sea bottom and protection from the wind make it an obligatory stop for scuba diving and sea lovers.

Just at one end is also Cala Calis, also known for the prestigious "Bulli Restaurant" of Ferran Adrià.

It is a spacious area with calm waters, ideal for the practice of donut, water skiing or wake. 25 min


Small cove in the middle of a natural park, surrounded by a virgin scenery: 100% Costa Brava. Very busy and known for the Chiringuito, which offers a shuttle service from the boat to the establishment. A recommended spot to anchor for lunch and a good nap! 28 min


Rocky area with lots of small caves and whimsical shapes that recall the silhouettes of animals, among which we highlight the Cavall Bernat and the famous Cat.

It is under integral protection, terrestrial and marine, due to the great natural richness of its landscape and underwater environment. 35 min


This is an unspoiled cove located between Roses and Cadaqués known for being one of the best spots for snorkeling or scuba diving.

You will find a varied plant and animal life, especially around the Cova del Pebre and flanking the beach you will find a beach bar, hotel and a restaurant. 45 min


Singular area for its spectacular cliffs, caves, colors and rocks.

A spectacle created by nature that will transport you little by little to the Dalí surrealism so characteristic of the area. 55 min


Considered one of the most beautiful villages of Catanluya, you can anchor thanks to the rental of buoys and discover the charm of this beautiful corner of the Alt Empordà. We recommend booking these buoys in advance, due to the high demand and you can not leave without tasting the typical Mediterranean - seafood as the "suquet" or its popular dessert, the "Taps de Cadaqués". 65 min


A few kilometers from Cadaqués, we arrive at Portlligat, a small bay sheltered from the sea by a small island (Portlligat Island) and also known for being the place of residence of Salvador Dalí.

This beautiful landscape was immortalized by the Empordà painter in some of his works and was a refuge for his inspiration. 75 min


And reaching the easternmost point of the peninsula you will find a landscape that has been a source of inspiration for many great artists. A completely protected and unspoiled area, where boats can enjoy privacy and a dreamy seabed as in Cala Bona, Cala Fredrosa or Cala Culip. And located right at the tip of Cap de Creus, we recommend a short stopover at the famous Cova del Infern, crowned by the impressive Cap de Creus lighthouse. 90 min

Medes Islands - SOUTH


Leaving our base in Santa Margarita, heading south you can follow the route of a long beach called Rubina which has a Kite area as well as a pet-friendly area. At the end of this beach is the entrance to the "Venice of the Costa Brava" with more than 25km of navigable channel and where you can admire its design as well as the beautiful residences that are in it. A very relaxing walk in very calm waters! 10 min


Known for being one of the meccas of Kitesurfing and Windsurfing, for its miles of sandy beaches and marshes, Sant Pere Pescador is crowned as a point of great interest for sportsmen and nature lovers.

Our recommendation for sailing is to be cautious, precisely because of this southerly wind so favorable for these sailing sports. 30 min


Historical town for its Greco-Roman ruins and with a strong link to the sea.

One of its most emblematic coves is Cala Montgó, ideal for sheltering from the tramontana wind. 60 min


In this beautiful fishing village, you can enjoy an extensive beach of fine sand framed by privileged views of the Medes Islands.

It is also a village full of activity and a large number of services: stores, beach bars and restaurants. 75 min


The Medes Islands archipelago, made up of seven islets, comprises 21.5 hectares of land and 511 hectares of sea of exceptional ecological value.

Its rich seabed (algae, posidonia meadows, corals, several species of fish, crabs, starfish, etc.) makes it a unique place in the Mediterranean, highly appreciated by divers from all over the world. A unique place in the Mediterranean so it is essential to bring snorkeling equipment! 80 min