Reliability and capacity of the EX 100

If you are looking for maximum reliability and capacity in the water, with an agile machine that is both versatile and easy to handle, you should meet the Yamaha EX 100.

The smooth, powerful and compact dimensions of the Yamaha 3 cylinder and 1049 cc engine, complemented by the rugged and proven design of its helmet, make the new EX a perfect combination of ease of handling, agility and balance. The result is fun and control assured with the minimum of difficulty, even for less experienced pilots.

Gasoline included in the rate of 1h and 2h!

If your trip does not exceed two hours, you will not have to worry about the fuel at any time. For rates of 4h or 8h, it will be necessary to fill the fuel on our platform, so gasoline in this type of rentals is not included.
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To consider

To rent the EX 100 with a maximum capacity for two people, it is mandatory to physically present the corresponding nautical license before rental. In addition, it is mandatory to leave a deposit in cash or visa on the day of the activity. Remember to submit your reservation confirmation from your mobile or in print, at our ticket office on the day of the activity.

Price table

Duration Low season Mid season High season
1 hour - (1 hora Gasolina Incluida) 110,00€ 115,00€ 120,00€
2 hours - (2 horas - Gasolina Incluida) 190,00€ 200,00€ 210,00€
4 hours - (4 horas - Gasolina no incluida) 290,00€ 305,00€ 320,00€
8 hours - (8 horas - Gasolina no incluida) 390,00€ 410,00€ 430,00€
3 days - (3 días - Gasolina no incluida) 900,00€ 945,00€ 990,00€
7 days - (7 días - Gasolina no incluida) 1.820,00€ 1.900,00€ 2.000,00€
This product has a bail deposit of: 500,00€
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From 110€