If you want to spend a good day with your employees doing Team Building activities, Aventura Náutica is the partner you are looking for! Corporate events are one of our specialties. Our activities for groups have their home port in Roses and Barcelona, but we can also move to nearby areas such as: Sitges, Badalona, Castelldefels, Cadaqués, L'Escala ... If you need another location, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a few years of experience in activities for groups from 10 to 300 people, making them enjoy an unforgettable experience at sea. To make it possible, we adapt to the needs of each group, be it in budget, people or variety of the offer.


Outdoor Training in Barcelona, in Roses... or wherever you want! The teamwork activities that are available to motivate you, strengthen your relationships and get a few laughs are the following:

Monster: A maximum of eleven people can enjoy the speed at sea with the Monster Jet, a brutal and unique boat that will offer you a great adrenaline rush, to return to work with the energies charged!

Parasailing: Flying 150 meters high, you will enjoy a privileged view - you will not forget it in a long time! You can participate between one and 5 people at the same time, but the boat has a capacity of 10, so while some fly, the others can watch it from the boat and enjoy sailing along the coast.

Flyboard: Feel how the pressure makes you take off from the water and try to keep your balance, but it won’t be easy! You will feel an unstoppable impulse that will catapult you 5 meters high - it will make you fly at full speed over the water, or dive like a dolphin. Try to do the almost impossible pirouettes, who will dominate it first?

Inflatables (Flyfish, Banana, Rosco Bus ...): We have a wide range of inflatables and powerful boats to drag them at full speed. Who will be the last to fall? Enjoy all together a unique experience, the laughs are guaranteed ... and the dip, if you do not hold on tight!

Our Team Building activities will stay forever in your memory, and also in a photo or video if you want! Our graphic report service is ideal to keep a good memory and to share a great day of business in your social networks and your corporate blog.

We offer to send you a budget adjusted and completely adapted to your needs and interests. Fill in the following form and we will contact you to get down to work creating an unforgettable experience for your company.

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