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Routes in Costa Brava

Roses <-> Cadaqués: 4 h / 8 h

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  • Roses <-> Cadaqués
  • Roses <-> Cadaqués
  • Roses <-> Cadaqués
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Once you've left our base of Santa Margarita, and passed the lighthouse in roses (heading north-east), you will go through "Port del Reig", a little cove where only a handful of crafts can anchor, and where you wil find a certain intimacy.

After Punta Falconera, you will pass along "Lladó", a place where white marble was once extracted from a small mine hidden by pinewoods. Next step, is Cala Murtra with its charming little beach and occasional nudists.

The next cove, Cala Rustella, is very popular among the area's seafarers as it is well protected from wind, has clear and clean waters, and is very easy to anchor in. Afterwards, you will arrive in "Cala Montjol", famous for its pebble beach, and where you can also find the restaurant "El Bulli"

Further north: Cala Pelosa with its restaurant and its beach frequented by the locals, and "Cap Norfeu" and its "cat" (a cat-shaped rock). Cap Norfeu is famous for the beauty of its cliffs, its well-preserved nature and its seabed that attract every diver in the region. For diving and marine fauna lovers, the Cap Norfeu is a must-see.

Behind Cap Norfeu is Cala Jóncols, where you will be able to enjoy the magnificent beach and delicious restaurants, as this place is well-known for serving the best Paellas and Fideuás in the Costa Brava.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to see Cadaquès: a magic village of the "Alt Empordà", followed by Port Lligat where Salvador Dalí used to hide to paint and live! Last stop: Cap de Creus; the easternmost point of the peninsula and famous for its strong northern winds.

Warnings and recommendations:

NEVER go past Cap de Creus with strong wind (6 on the Beaufort scale).

Jets skis aren't allowed in the bay of Cadaquès.

Good Restaurants: Es Baluard, Nemesi Llorens, Casa Anita Casa Nun (Cadaquès)

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