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Wanting to practice Flyboard? Barcelona and Aventura Náutica offer you an incomparable experience. Live it! 

Flying like a bird and dive like a fish, two experiences that so far have been exclusive of some magnificent animals … and that you now can experiences thanks to our activity in Barcelona, called Flyboard! It is one of the more intense proposals of our catalogue which won’t leave you indifferent! Do you dare? 

How does Flyboard in Barcelona work?

If you want to feel the adrenaline of this activity, you only have to book your spot online and come to our installation in the Puerto Olímpico in Barcelona. Here we will explain you how to use this innovative propulsion system consisting of propulsive boots hooked to a large hose. Through that hose, hooked to an Aventura Náutica motor boat, a jet of water circulates at high pressure, what allows the user to fly up to 5 meters high in the sky and dive under water at high speed.

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In spite of the sensation of freedom this propulsion system provides, the person realizing the activity wears bathing clothes and a life vest in order to perform the movements with total safety.

One of the advantages of booking your activity with us is that we can offer you a photo and video service that will immortalize your jumps, flights and dives into the water. Such a special experiences deserves a good, high quality memory!

What do you need to know in order to realize Flyboard in Barcelona with us?

The activity is subject to weather conditions. Anyone above 16 years is allowed to do this activity; underage persons need a written consent from their parents or tutors. Please remember to show your booking confirmation, on you mobile phone or printed, at our ticket booth on the day of the activity.

This activity can only be realized by one person at a time. Duration of the experience depends on each user: it is available from 15 minutes up to 1 hour, with the moments for rest necessary … and you will need them!

You will be accompanied at all times by our monitors who take care that everything runs within normality. However, before you start, you will receive the necessary explications in order to understand the handling of this original device.

We offer the possibility to film this incredible experience: we have water-resisting action cameras, perfect for this kind of videos and snapshots. After the trip, we will give you the relevant copies.

The activity starts at Port Fòrum Moll de la Ronda s/n Local 11, in Barcelona.

You can book this activity as part of an activity package, perfect as a gift, or as an individual experience. Don’t wait any longer and book your spot now to discover Flyboard. Barcelona is full of exciting experiences, and this is one of the most surprising ones!

Price table

Duration Price
15 minutes - (1 persona) 85,00€
30 minutes - (1 o 2 personas) 160,00€
60 minutes - (max. 3 personas) 300,00€
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From 85€