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Banana arrives to Barcelona! Enjoy of the most hilarious water activities with Aventura Náutica.

How good are you at maintaining your balance on a float in the water? And what if this float sails at full speed, doing impossible turns and unexpected jumps? We are sure that this makes it way more difficult, but also that the fun increases to unimaginable limits. Reserve your place for one of the most popular water activities in Barcelona, and you will feel it yourself!

What does the Banana activity in Barcelona consist of?

The Banana activity in Barcelona, also known by the name “Banana Bus” or simply “Bananas”, consists of a crazy drive off the coasts of Barcelona aboard this original float. The name originates in its elongated and curved form, even though in reality the Aventura Náutica ones are more like friendly dolphins that will make you have a great time.

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These floats are hooked to one of our motor boats so that they achieve the same speed and realize the same movements: turns of 90º, 180º or 360º, electric direction changes, jumps over the waves, breathtaking straights … 

The participants of this activity must hold on firmly to the handles of the float, as there is no safety belt on the Banana. Therefore, the challenge consists of not falling into the water, becoming a real competition between the people on board.

However, everyone is provided with a life vest, so that even if you fall, there is no danger. And it is all supervised by an Aventura Náutica monitor who drives the motor boat and picks up whoever has had no choice than to take a dip. Are you able to hold on all the time? How long will it take until you fall? Find out and you will repeat!

Important information concerning this water experience

This activity is subject to weather conditions. On each trip there is a maximum of 10 people allowed. Minimum recommended height is 1,20 meters. On the day of the activity, remember to present your booking information on your mobile phone or printed at our ticket booth.

Standard duration of this crazy trip is 15 minutes, enough time to keep your balance, fall off, get on board again and fall off again. The activity can be book individually, as a group or as part of an experience package. In fact, it is one of the star proposals of our hen or stag parties or of the Team Building activities.

The Banana activity in Barcelona starts from the Port Fòrum Moll de la Ronda s/n Local 11, in Barcelona.

Same as for our other water activities in Barcelona we can film your experience in high quality, a perfect extra so you can take the best memory of the experience with you and can share it with your friends or on your social networks.

Price table

Duration Price
15 minutes - (1 personas) 20,00€
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From 20€