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Nautical activities in Roses

15€ /pers
Nautical activities in Roses: Banana in Roses

Towed by a boat in Rosas’s bay, you’ll feel the adrenaline on this  « Banana » boat of 10 people, adapted for everybody. It is the perfect choice ...

Duration:15 min
Price:15€ /pers
25€ /pers
Nautical activities in Roses: Rosco Bus in Roses

Take a seat on this giant towed sofa with a 10 people capacity and hold on! Enjoy this low sensations activity with whomever you want towed by our boat ...

Duration:15 min
Price:25€ /pers
25€ /pers
Nautical activities in Roses: Charriot in Roses

Also called: the summer sledge! Seated, on you feet, on your keens, lying … no matter your position, you will enjoy 15 minutes of high sensation! Towed ...

Duration:15 min
Price:25€ /pers
25€ /pers
Nautical activities in Roses: Fly Fish in Roses

Fly away with your friends and family like a flying fish above the Costa Brava with this 6 persons tubing! The speed of the boat that tract you will take ...

Duration:15 min
Price:25€ /pers
30€ /pers
Nautical activities in Roses: Monster in Roses

Get submerged by adrenaline during 20 minutes with the Monster activity! Speed, braking, skids, and 360° bends never ends with this speedboat of 450cv ...

Duration:20 min
Price:30€ /pers
From 35€pers.
Nautical activities in Roses: Rent a Jet ski without license in Roses

Ride our jets in our circuit or take part in our guided tours of the bay! It is not necessary to have a license, you only need motivation! Note: The quantity ...

Duration:20 min circuit
Price:From 35€pers.
From 59€
Nautical activities in Roses: Parasailing in Roses

You want to discover how it feels to watch the horizon 150 meters above the sea? Just get on the most breath taking parasailing and contemplate Rosas’s ...

Duration:15' fly / 30-90' boat
Price:From 59€
85€ /pers
Nautical activities in Roses: Flyboard in Roses

It’s time to put on your boots to cross the Rosas’s bay like a dolphin! If you want to go up in the air just as adrenaline, then Flyboard is the activity ...

Duration:20 min
Price:85€ /pers
95€ /pers
Nautical activities in Roses: Hoverboard in Roses

Be avant-gardist and choose the Hoverboard in Roses ! This nautical innovation will enable you to surf like a pro without any waves. During 20 min, according ...

Duration:20 min
Price:95€ /pers
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